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Positive Affirmation Magnets for African-American Children - Pack of 4

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We packaged our most popular positive affirmation magnets for African-American children into a pack of 4 and instead of offering them for our normal price of $4.50 each, for a limited time, get the entire set of 4 for only $9.99, a savings of 45% off!  

Pictured below, each magnet has a black character and a positive affirmation, the list of affirmations is as follows:

You are Amazing!

I'm Proud to be Naturally Me!

You are Beautiful Just the Way You Are!

I've Got Big Hair and I Don't Care!


Each magnet features a character from the African-American children's books "Big Hair, Don't Care" and "Naturally Me" by African-American children's book author Crystal Swain-Bates.