Here at Brown Girls Club, we understand the importance of kids seeing themselves in media because representation matters.

That’s why we have decided to accept the #BlackPantherChallenge to help black children in our community enjoy a day at the movies on us, to see the most anticipated movie of the year, Marvel’s Black Panther.

Brown Girls Club owner Crystal Swain-Bates, a bestselling author of 12 children's books featuring black characters as superheroes, princesses, and more has been inspired by Frederick Joseph’s mission to raise money for black children to see themselves as superheroes and royalty on film. 

Between January 28th and February 13th, Brown Girls Club will donate 20% of its profits towards sending black children to the educational Black Panther Movie Screening and Experience at the AMC North Dekalb movie theater in Decatur, GA.

Donated tickets will include a screening of the movie and the opportunity to visit a curated archive of Black Panther and Wakanda related artifacts and learn more about the rich history of Black Panther in the cinematic and comic universes.

 If you don't make a purchase from Brown Girls Club during this timeframe, we strongly encourage you to donate whatever you can, however you can, toward sponsoring a child to see this important film.