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Become a Brown Girls Club Affiliate

We’ve noticed you love talking about Brown Girls Club. So while you’ve been sharing your Brown Girls Club purchases with your friends, family, and followers, we’ve been building a way to thank you for it. 

Join our free affiliate program and when you refer any new customer to Brown Girls Club, you'll earn 10% of their purchase price in cash, distributed to you by PayPal!

With orders averaging $35 per sale, you could earn $3 or more per referral. For example, if someone clicks your referral link and buys our party set and the matching book, their total would be around $43 and you would earn over $4 for that one sale alone!

If someone you refer only buys 2 of our books for around $16, you would still earn nearly $2 for that sale. 

Not bad for posting your referral link or discount code on your IG, Facebook page or blog.

  • Imagine reviewing one of our products in a YouTube video and sending all of your viewers to your referral link.
  • Writing a blog about great gifts for black girls? Include your affiliate link!
  • Do you work with librarians, teachers, or daycares who are always on the hunt for black children's books and gifts? Share your affiliate link with them. 


The possibilities are limitless. If you have a large reach (i.e. many friends, blog readers, YouTube viewers, etc), you could potentially earn side hustle money of hundreds of dollars per month. Seriously. If 100 people you refer spend $35 each, you will earn $350 cash. 

If you have a small following or reach, still join the program. By writing a few creative blog posts, you can drive traffic to your site and sales to us, earning money for each customer you refer. Perhaps over the course of several months, you could fund your Christmas shopping budget or trip overseas.  

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click the JOIN button below to get started!


1. Sign up below to join the referral program. 

2. After signing up, you will received your personalized sharing page containing your unique referral link and discount code.

2. Spread the word. Share your unique referral link or coupon code on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or on your blog.

3. Each time your friends use your unique referral link or discount code to make a qualified purchase from Brown Girls Club, you will earn 12% of their purchase price, in cash!