5 Ways Atlanta Parents Can Stay Sane During the I-85 Collapse

5 Ways Atlanta Parents Can Stay Sane During the I-85 Collapse

Got kids? As we all deal with the commuting nightmare caused by the collapse of I-85, don't forget the impact on your children. Sitting in the car stuck in traffic is bound to leave you with bored and irritated little passengers.  Even with all of the phone apps and games in the world,  you may find yourself searching for something else to distract your children. We've got your back! 

Here are 5 things all parents need to #SurvivetheDrive during the #85Collapse:

Must Have Item #1 - Coloring Supplies 

For the ultimate distraction, break out the crayons and coloring books. If your kids enjoy coloring and drawing, packing various coloring and activity books and worksheets is a great way for them to pass the time while you fight Atlanta traffic.

Here are 4 coloring and activity books that will keep your kids entertained for hours!

(BONUS: "Color My Fro" is good for moms as well! If you're forced to ride MARTA to work, this coloring book is guaranteed to help you pass the time and keep your mind off of your fantastic voyage to work!)

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Must Have Item #2 - Books

Coloring and activity books provide hours of entertainment, but if your children are old enough to read on their own, books are another great way to pass the time during long car rides while stuck in Atlanta traffic.  

Before leaving home, grab some of their favorite books but be sure to also add new stories to their collection that they aren't already familiar with. Make an effort to choose books that your child can relate to, with characters that look like them. Seeing black characters in their books will keep them interested in the story and engaged for much longer.

Don't want to fight traffic trying to get to the local bookstore? Order your books from Amazon and enjoy the ease of having them delivered right to your door!




Must Have Item #3 - Kid (and Car) Friendly Drinks and Snacks

When your child says “I’m hungry” within the first 5 minutes of you picking them up from school, you'll be glad you prepared ahead of time by packing travel snacks. Since traffic will be unpredictable and may have you in the car longer than expected, healthy snacks such as apple slices, cut up bananas, grapes, crackers, and cheese will help keep your child distracted from the drive and satisfy their appetite until you can get home and prepare dinner. 


Must Have Item #4 - Pillows and Blankets

Make sure your child is comfortable by being prepared with some cozy essentials. Keep a cozy pillow and a blanket in the car and your little one should drift off to sleep if you keep the honking at a minimum. (Hey, no judgement here!)



Must Have Item #5 - Organization

There's no point in getting books, crayons, and snacks if you're just going to leave everything at home by accident. Toss the books, snacks, blanket, and crayons in a cute bag and carry it with you every time you hit the road. Allow each of your children to pack their own bag and give them the opportunity to select their favorite toys and books. Here are two sturdy tote bags from our collection:


big hair don't care tote bag


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